Our Values & Vision

Our Values

North American Equipment Upfitters adopts the basic rules of Total Quality Management (TQM), to achieve continuous improvement. We adopt these basic principles of TQM as our core values:

  • Organizations succeed through constant product and service development and innovation.
  • Quality is achieved by design rather than by inspection.
  • Purchasing must be based on quality not cost.
  • Production methods must be continuously improved.
  • Employees must receive training.
  • Management must demonstrate leadership by teaching others on a continuous basis.
  • A positive environment results in productive employees.
  • Employees should be recognized and rewarded for work performed.
  • Only zero defects are acceptable.
Our Vision

We intend, by combining the strengths of North American Equipment Upfitters with our manufacturing partners and suppliers, to establish an increasingly efficient company that:

  • Assumes the leading role in the Aerial Lift industry.
  • Sets new standards with regard to customer requirements through:
    • Technical Innovation
    • Quality
    • Safety
    • Cost Leadership
    • Education and Training
  • Operates successfully and profitably.
  • Is proud of its employees