Service & Utility Bodies

Brand FX

The most fuel efficient utility bodies for boom trucks on the market, these service utility bodies deliver up to 40% weight savings over steel utility bodies. This weight savings translates directly into greatly improved operating costs. On average, you will save 2% on fuel, and less weight means lower maintenance cost of tires, brakes, shocks and suspensions, as compared to an equivalent steel body. Brand FX boom truck utility bodies keep their sleek good looks year after year, rust free for life, and able to shrug off minor scrapes and bumps.


Dakota Bodies

We offer standard, custom, and Northlander package utility bodies by Dakota. Galvanneal (A-60) is the primary metal used in Dakota Bodies, Inc. bodies for utility bucket trucks. Galvanneal is corrosion resistant steel which is heat treated after coating to produce a zinc-iron alloy. Galvanneal is particularly suited for applications such as utility bucket truck bodies because of its resistance to corrosion and the ability to be formed without impairing its paint ability or corrosion resistance.

With a range of features and customization options, we can upfit your boom truck with the utility body you need to get the job done.